• refreshed UI
  • added ability to Select Clips to use for Next , Play Next
  • added Goto command to the API
  • added /setBlackout Api endpoint
  • added /setAction Api endpoint
  • replaced /alpa and /secondOutput with query Parameters see "URLS"
  • fixed Pause Button
  • fixed duplicate Timecode
  • Slate and Overlay option for displaying current clip name and timecode on the Output
  • fix autoplay restarting when opening a controller
  • fix loop not loaded after restart
  • fix selected ID not selected after Restart
  • performance Improvements



  • you now can choose what PlayoutBee should do when a Video ends
  • Changes for the API + new functions fix for pointer being shown on Boot
  • Countdown mode to make the Video end at a specific time.
Last modified 8mo ago
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