all the URLs you can use for PlayoutBee
Replace playoutbee with the IP adress of the System you are running PlayoutBee on

Control URLs


Web interface to control the PlayoutBee, change Settings, and upload Media.


Displays the Name of the Current Clip and the Remaining Timecode


Special version of the Web interface that allows you to set a Target where the currently playing video will end. The videos then are played faster/slower to hit that target.

Output URLs


Normal Output of PlayoutBee can be opened multiple times.
Most browsers don't support autoplay for Videos anymore and you need to enable Audio for Playoutbees Output to work


like the Normal Output of PlayoutBee but with the background set to transparent


like the normal Output of PlayoutBee but it overlays the current Clips name current Timecode and remaning timecode on Top


like the overlay Output but hides the overlay as soon as the Clip plays needs about 2-3 Frames of delay when used with autoplay in the Atem
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