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Current State of the RaspberyPI version and Image

This Page will have the most up to date info on the current Status on the Raspberrypi Version of Playoutbee


The AppImage is used for custom installations and for people wanting to have the latest or customize their PlayoutBee instance by themselves
The current version of the appimage is 1.10.0 and can be installed following the guide here : Raspberry Pi Manual . There are no know issues with the AppImage itself, but there are known issues with the current version of PiOS:
  • Switching from FKMS to KMS causes the override of the faulty HDMI settings the Atem mini-series requested to no longer work
  • HDMI audio is distorted when using Chromium to play audio
  • there seams to be a regression with Hardware enabled decoding of video in Chromium


The Image is used as a simple way to have a ready to get a prepared PlayoutBee instance.
The latest version of the RaspberryPi image is using PlayoutBee Version 0.9.3 and has these known issues:
  • no audio over HDMI to atem mini series ( due to EDID issues)
  • by default no fixed framerate and resolution
  • old version of PlayoutBee
Last modified 1mo ago